Apart from having to pay a fine fine if I only stated I have a TV (german broadcasting law - I declared only my internet-connection) if public authorities got serious on me .. there is another reason, why I don't use a TV (hey, "I don't use" doesn't implement I have one). It has to do with animal-documentaries of my species - but .. read on

Every male man on earth - i think - knows it. Something has to be done once in a while (I recently found out - for myself - it ends up in wet dreams if it ain't triggered [Addition] for myself I found out in logic progression that wet dreams are not [Correction] mandatory out of order [/Correction, Feb 25 3:00 am] [/Addition, Dec 19 2010 - 5:13 am]). To stay on topic: I am living in Germany and I am financially poor - if I (would) want to watch TV, no chance but tuning into the local transmissions.

Now I [Correction] don't [/Correction, Aug 1 2010 - 2:13 am] want to blame China just to blame China; [Addition] An areal subsumable group of people looking all (nearly) the same might have shown practices some 5000+ years ago that historicans/ biologists are not aware of, because questioning such practices (inventing of the concept of race) is otherwise answered. [/Addition, Dec 19 2010 - 5:26 am] Xinhua-english has a blatant idea of giving the reader the opportunity to distract oneself from the news to key stimulus fraughted women, too. But I want to write about TV, so I stay there.

Wouldn't it be great, if there was a porn-signal in the transmission? I could hit the porn-free-switch and would feel out of danger to end up tired and somehow defete the next day. Not that I had a weak will. Also, there must be a reason why there is porn on television (although I don't think it has a positive influence on the dimensions of rape in society).

It is just the case, if I round it up: I think I don't use a TV because I made bad experiences with the combination of unanticipated consumation of film-taped time-shifted pornographic behaviour and secludedness. Deleting the sports-channel is no solution.

Now, don't blame me .. blame cell division.