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Now don't rush. But consider getting an overview of the market for the best keyboard-layout for your needs. I don't know how the upright japanese ones are utilized; on the contrary I can only compare DE-qwertz, EN-qwerty and FR-azerty ones, and of those the latter fits bäst. This was an DE-Umlaut ('ä') typed directly from a qwertz-pad.

It brings comfort and at least short-term usability to have the keys signed. For instance I'll now press degree °, the pound-key # and alt+234 oops, correction: alt Gr+234 ²³¼. That's still not what I wanted. Let me see.. ⅛£¤ nice, but not what I want. ⅛£¤, hmm - :... I'll take a quick search on ascii and browser-input ..

Wikipedia says
- press+hold 'alt'
- press '+'
- enter 'alt-code'

I want the 'alt-code' 234, really big, let's say 168px, with a leading colon:

I am close to giving up, .. I give up ... I guess this browser (firefox 3.6.12 of the respective mozilla-foundation merchandized developer-community) uses alt+'1,2,3..' for tab-switching with the cost of not being capable of a common input-method for alt-codes.
There are few people, who can think without having to fear it is resulting in a harmful movement in their scope of control. For the others, the most, common learned weaknesses as signs of vulnerabilities (revising a decision, demanding ken and thereby control as well as influence over the rules of decisionmaking - insisting on patience if the decision is crucial) result in situations of an experienced wrongdoing with no choosable exit.

1999 people expected people being able to live under good conditions at the same time. The imagination of such a time was usually expressed with the accessibility of a functioning well. I wouldn't want to be one of them, especially if I had to read this.

Now for someone with the expectation of a functioning communication, the idea of others facing situations in which a wrongdoing is not experienced can be demotivating. Seeing them parallel or departing is only recommandable for people who like to be alone with their justified position.
Mit frisch aufgesetztem Aufnahme- und Schneide- und Publizierungsrucksack ging es beim Bäcker um entscheidende Fragen:
- wie kommt es zu Differenzierungen in der Schule? (Teil I)
- [...]
- sollten an Schulen jedem Schüler keine, eine oder eine Auswahl aus mehreren Schuluniformen geboten werden? (Teil II)

Sehr geehrte ___ (Platz für eine selbstbestimmte Selbstbenennung) und Genossinen und Genossen,

Mich zu erwehren macht keinen Sinn. Mein Thema ist die Technik, aus der Ungewissheit ungewisser Fragen kontrollierbares Moment zu gewinnen und wie sie eingesetzt wird. Hierbei werde ich gleich die Möglichkeit einbeziehen, dass die Menschen etwas drauf haben.

Apart from having to pay a fine fine if I only stated I have a TV (german broadcasting law - I declared only my internet-connection) if public authorities got serious on me .. there is another reason, why I don't use a TV (hey, "I don't use" doesn't implement I have one). It has to do with animal-documentaries of my species - but .. read on